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  • MedTech industry sales are expected to increase from $ 375 bn in 2015 to $ 477 bn in 2020 (CAGR:5%).
  • Top 5 segments: 
    • In-Vitro Diagnostics, Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmics 
  • Extract of Top trends affecting MedTech: 
    • Pricing and reimbursement pressure, Value-Based Health-Care, Disruptive Innovation, Emerging Markets, M&A-Deals.

Digital Health

  • Digital Health índustry sales are expected to increase from $ 61 bn in 2014 to $ 233 bn in 2020 (CAGR: 21%).
  • Digital Health is the convergence of both, the digital and the genetic revolutions in HealthCare.
  • It is transforming HealthCare by creating a seamless link between patients and doctors and in addition: 
    • Helps patients to better track, manage und improve their health
    • Reduces HealthCare cost
    • Makes medicines more personalized and precise


  • BioTech industry sales are expected to increase from $ 288 bn in 2014 to $ 444 bn in 2019 (CAGR: 9%).
  • Increase in pharmaceutical/biotech M&A is blurring the lines between the Pharmaceutical and the BioTech segment.
  • Majority of biotech revenue was generated in Europe and the United States.

Austin LSP - one of the top Life Science advisory companies in Central Europe

We are a dynamic advisory company offering a comprehensive range of services in corporate finance & funding, business development, business partnering and, management consulting for MedTech, Digital Health and BioTech companies.

Austin Life Science Partners (Austin LSP) is part of the AUSTIN | BFP Group. Together we support more than 3.000 clients, in regional, domestic and international markets with more than 150 employees at 5 offices in Austria and Switzerland.

Corporate Finance & Funding

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We are…

  • … defining investment strategies 
  • … searching and selecting investors to secure investments over different capital classes including public leverages
  • … creating focused investment portfolios

Business Development

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We are…

  • … developing business strategies for commercialization, industrialization & digitalization
  • … expanding & upscaling your business on international markets
  • … providing interim management for phases of structural adaptions and change of ownership

Business Partnering

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We are…

  • … searching and pre-screening qualified strategic partners
  • … connecting partners
  • … identifying new acquisition/investment candidates
  • … creating valuable partnerships

Management Consulting

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We are…

  • … developing innovation strategies & new business models
  • … managing innovation & R&D processes
  • … developing IP management strategies and systems

Our leadership team – experienced and multidisciplinary
We offer you a full Senior Team support

Sitte Gerald NEU1

Gerald SITTE

Chief Executive Officer
+ 43 664 24 52 863

  • Broad strategic and operational expertise in ramping up businesses all over Europe
  • Transaction experience as head of the M&A team of an international corporation
  • Many years of experience in international businesses in different industrial sectors
  • Focus on business development, financing/funding and M&A deals



austin team pock

Herbert POCK

Managing Partner
+ 43 699 14 90 50 50

  • Many years of experience and expertise in business development and business planning
  • Management of various projects in the field of strategic corporate realignment
  • Management of various financing and funding projects



austin team schoenbacher


Managing Partner
+ 43 664 226 39 42

  • Corporate Finance and transaction expertise  within multinational corporations
  • Responsible for 15 M&A deals and 30 major venture capital investments
  • Responsible for Corporate Finance within Austin BFP, focus on M&A advisory and financing



austin team schmidt2

Meinhard SCHMIDT

+41 (0) 79 395 7075

  • MedTech industry executive and entrepreneur with more than 25 years broad international experience.
  • Held executive management positions in Germany, NL, USA, Canada, Sweden, UK and Switzerland, incl. 10 years at Roche Diagnostics in various global senior leadership roles
  • Serves currently as Board Director at several Life Science/MedTech companies in UK, USA, Sweden and Switzerland



As GGI Member, Austin LSP is part of the worlds biggest independent professional services network

global alliance of independent, management consulting, law, accounting, audit, and trust firms

Consistently ranked amongst the top ten associations worldwide (6th largest network in 2014 by revenues)

All members are carefully selected to the highest quality standards

GGI enables the best local independent firms to act globally without losing their independence

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Austin LSP is part of the AUSTIN | BFP group

AUSTIN | BFP is a dynamic consulting company offering a comprehensive range of services in business and tax aspects.
Austin BFP combines extensive sector expertise in the high technology industry, through all functions, with passion and precision.


Austin Life Science Partners AG

Blegistrasse 11b
6340 Baar

T: +41 44 20 10 234